Stage 1 Complete!!!

15:00, 30 April 2017, Stage 1

Seven hours after the start of Stage 1 there are 84 competitors who have reached Camp 2 and completed the Stage.  The most recent people to reach the windy Camp were Tadashi Murakami (the oldest competitor) from Japan running in together with Chloe Kim from South Korea – they just today on the course. His son Tadahiro Murakami arrived before him.  Other recent arrivals were Alan Phillips of New Zealand and Gavin Pilcher from the UK.   Not long before that Nicola Roth and Charlotte Lynch crossed together – they enjoyed the day and found the first 20kms fun, but said it was hard to do the same distance again.  Rene de Klein and Karin Teuben from the Netherlands are expected soon.

The Top 3 women are

1st Kristinet Starck from South Africa.

2nd Carolina Monaci from Italy (just a few minutes behind)

3rd Kristen Althof from Germay

(and then Riitta Hanninen(!) from Finland in 4th place)

Diana West from the UK had an enormous smile on her face when she arrived – she was super excited to cross the finishline and complete Stage 1 of the race having been very nervous before she started.

The last three competitors on the course are Young Woong Jung, Peter Kang and Sungho Ryo – all from Korea (South).  All three are doing well and are well within the cut-off.   They have left checkpoint 3 and are completing the last 7.8kms into camp.